Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hands Off! This May Be Love

I am excited to announce the publication of Hands Off! This May Be Love, my first book written for a general audience.

Comprising exciting new material along with parts of my previous books, Hands Off! This May Be Love presents a Jewish, down-to-earth perspective on the hows and whys of refraining from physical contact before marriage, a practice that resonates with many religious Christians and others troubled by today’s societal norms. We are hoping that it will find its way into the hands not only of young adults, but also parents, youth pastors and other leaders. This book can make a real difference in people's lives and will also, God willing, achieve tremendous kiddush Hashem.

If you know anyone who may be open to the message of Hands Off! This May Be Love, please pass this email along to them. And if you have any ideas or connections for getting this book out there, please let me know!

And here's a link for the ebook:

Thanks so much!

With blessings,

Gila Manolson