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You say "Shabbos", I say "Shabbat".....  How ever the Jewish people pronounce it, it remains a peaceful  oasis of holiness and tranquility in our tumultuous  times, that we wouldn't  miss  for the world!
Have you ever wanted to go away for a Shabbat, or perhaps experience one for the very first time, but did not have a Shabbat home to join?
Do you wish you had a special guest to share the beauty of your family's Shabbat experience, but do not know where to find them? was established to help you find your "perfect challah"!
Traveling for business or pleasure? Backpacking across the country or around the world? Find your perfect challah!
Studying abroad or in Israel? Or perhaps you just came back from Israel and want the taste to linger a while longer?
Find your perfect challah!
Want to network in your profession, meet cool people, make lifelong friends and expand your social horizons (and perhaps meet your Bashert)? Find your perfect challah!
Come from a limited Jewish background and would like to experience a traditional  Shabbos? Find your perfect challah!
Families who wish to host set up profile pages with basic information and up to four family pictures. (After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a warm family photo is worth a whole lot more than that!)  In addition, each page has a guest book, which allows the guest to offer feedback from the experience and gives the potential guest a better idea of what it’s like to spend a Shabbat with that family. This will also indicate to a potential guest where the "happening" Shabbat homes are and encourage them to seek an invite.
 Each guest also fills out a profile page so the host can acquaint themselves with the potential guest. Two references are requested so that the host will feel comfortable inviting his "future friend" into his home.
Guests can find a host by searching the pages by country, state and city. There are other search fields as well which will allow the guest to find the perfect host with whom they would feel comfortable spending the Shabbos.  They can then contact the family to make arrangements using the contact information provided.

Safety and Security

We at are thrilled to be launching a service that will provide Shabbat placement to Jewish travelers around the world. We are very excited about all the site will accomplish, and we want you to know that your safety is our primary concern. The following precautions have been taken by our site for your protection:
  • You are able to see your potential guests' photo before accepting them.
  • Each person who registers as a guest must have 2 references. It is up to you to call these references and decide on the comfort level they inspire in you.
  • You can review a guest's "guestbook" for feedback from their past Shabbos hosts on the site.
  • You can see the person's friends and their history as a guest with other registered hosts, and can contact a previous host if necessary.
  • Lastly, your contact information will not be released to your potential guest until you have viewed and approved the guest's profile, based on the measures listed above.
We hope that our policy will help create a secure and positive experience for all hosts and their guests. We welcome your feedback and any concerns you might have, so feel free to be in touch with us!

Features offers other helpful features.  The Shabbaton/Simcha mode allows Balei Simcha and Shabbaton organizers to search for many guests in a given area at once
Each week, a page is updated with relevant changes, such as  Divrei Torah (a speech or story incorporating words of Torah) for that week’s Parsha (weekly section of the Torah) and upcoming holidays.  For people with a limited Jewish background, they will find a page with explanations regarding laws, customs, and expectations of Shabbos so they can be better prepared and educated. is still a work in progress; our goal is to make a global resource. We believe there is a challah with every person’s name on it out there and we welcome your feedback to help us in our mission.
The warmth of the Shabbat home, the smell of chicken soup with matzoh balls and freshly baked challah wafting through the air, the beautiful sounds of Zemirot (songs), all blend together in a harmonious experience that rejuvenates the spirit and re-energizes us for the week ahead. We can't wait to... See you on Shabbat!