Friday, February 12, 2010

Hitler y"sh on Jewish uniqueness

Contributed by a friend:

after your email i went and read Hitlers Mein Kaumf, in the chapter "Nation and Race"( the writing and acknowledgment of Jews by Hitler is similar almost at times word for word with Torah Jewish ideology. example

"...Here, of course, we encounter the objection of the modern pacifist, as truly Jewish in its effrontery as it is stupid! 'Man's role is to overcome Nature!.....'" from nation and race

everyday our rabbis and Torah teaches us to overcome nature

".....The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew. In hardly any people in the world is the instinct of self-preservation developed more strongly than in the so-called 'chosen.' Of this, the mere fact of the survival of this race may be considered the best proof. Where is the people which in the last two thousand years has been exposed to so slight changes of inner disposition, character, etc., as the Jewish people? What people, finally, has gone through greater upheavals than this one-and nevertheless issued from the mightiest catastrophes of mankind unchanged? What an infinitely tough will to live and preserve the species speaks from these facts ....."

you in your podcast at 24.00minute say we don't belong here and our survival is a miracle. Torah jews believe it as divine providence and he believes it as self preservation. He views this survival as evil i view it as g-ds love for me and humanity.

Hitler was evil was the opposite of what good is,

Rabbi this world truly does have good and evil, Hitler and his view of the same situation is evil and ours is good, but the interesting thing this theme happens over again and again example Mark Twain who also observes the situation and sees it as good.